Corporate Solutions

Case Study Waverley Council


As a local government body, Waverley Council requires an effective online payment gateway that meets it’s unique set of requirements. Corums eCpay provides the high level of security required, whilst meeting public budgeting requirements.  By using eCpay, residents of Waverley can easily track and manage their rate payments online and reduce the load on local government resources.

For Waverley, benefits in banking, administration and promotion have been significant. Excluding the cost savings of credit card surcharging, Waverley benefited from considerable savings in transaction fees during the first year of operation and has not needed to employ any additional staff resources.

Integration with Waverley’s accounting program also streamlined the receivable processes, reducing associated costs, and Waverley’s website has enjoyed increased traffic, allowing better communication and promotional opportunities. 

  • Resident Fee Adjustment
  • Integrated with Business Website
  • Self Contained

Case Study FedEx

Customised eCpay
  • Web Service API
  • IVR Systems Package

FedEx has integrated our eCpay system to fill a gap in their payment processing systems. The Web Service API package has enabled their staff to process and manage their payments in an intuitive and efficient manner. The IVR system is utilised to improve their customer experience and our daily consolidated reports assist Fedex staff with their account reconciliations.  


By integrating with your existing software, you don’t have to worry about retraining for new software or changing systems. Our bill payment solution fully integrates with your current back end software. 


Reliable Gateway

Our eCPay Payment Gateway is robust, reliable and fully customisable. Corum’s PCI Compliance and security procedures ensure that all transferred data is end-to-end encrypted and secure.


Our coporate solutions are tailored to your need, and completely customised for what your business requirements. This includes front end graphics as well as backend integrations. We’re here to make your system the best system for you.

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  • Eliminate data entry with payment information integrating to your accounting system
  • Enjoy quick and easy reconciliation with payments consolidated in a single daily file
  • Reduce bank deposit fees with a single deposits
  • Eliminate unidentified payments through security and check digit functionality
  • Eliminate Merchant Service Fees (MSFs) by surcharging customers
  • Process refunds electronically with online payment history and administration tools
  • Review comprehensive real-time reporting with clearly identified payment channels
  • Maintain autonomy and banking control with a bank-independent solution
  • Enjoy effective implementation with no additional infrastructure required


  • Web service API
  • Custom built websites
  • Phone/IVR package
  • Custom Invoice Processing Solution (e.g Corum Bill Payment and 1-Stop solutions)
  • Operator Assist payment processing package
  • Customer Care (ongoing customer support)
  • Custom direct debit and credit card payment processing
  • Comprehensive real time reporting for a more efficient reconciliation

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