About Us

The Corum eCommerce Difference

Corum eCommerce provides commercial payment solutions to some of Australia’s best-known corporate entities and the real estate industry. Through longstanding collaborative customer relationships we continue to customise comprehensive solutions tailored to each organisation’s individual needs.

Our team prides itself on customer service excellence, offering continual support and evolving solutions as customers’ needs change. Our clients profit from the streamlined receivables management that comes from a scalable and flexible payment platform facilitating a secure, fully integrated payment process. Automating the exchange between you, your customer and your bank, we can assist you in reducing your transaction and billing costs in administration, delivery and reporting.

Our Mission

To deliver simple to use, robust, flexible solutions with exceptional customer service by closely aligning with our customers and exploiting technology innovation.


We understand and empathise with our customers’ needs for uninterrupted service delivery and performance and take our responsibility very seriously. We constantly aim to exceed their expectations in service delivery and ongoing support by ‘putting ourselves in their shoes’ and acting with urgency.


We take pride in providing our customers with faultless, professional service at every contact point.


We are experienced in our respective fields and actively employ our expertise to consistently deliver and maintain quality solutions.


We are creative in delivering our solutions to best accommodate our customers’ needs.

Our Team

Corum Group

As a Corum Group company, Corum eCommerce leverages the relationships, experience, resources, and knowledge from across a network of experienced businesses operating successfully in various industries to provide our customers with consistent, outstanding performance. 

For more information about Corum Group visit corumgroup.com.au.